"Home Economics" was directed by Anthony Russo, and written by Lauren Pomerantz. It premiered on November 5th, 2009.


The study group discovers that Jeff has been living in his car, and they take pity on him. Jeff refuses their offers to help, that is until his car is impounded and he is forced to move into Abed's dorm. After that, it's all downhill and Jeff becomes a lazy slob who no longer cares about what he looks like or how other people perceive him. Britta realizes that Jeff is really a better person when he cares about material goods, and snaps him out of it.

Meanwhile, Britta's ex, Vaughn, has started up a rock band, and Pierce is his new keyboardist. Vaughn writes a nasty song about Britta, and when she goes to confront him about it, she confuses Pierce's anger with Vaughn over who's band it is as him standing up for her. When Pierce quits the band, Vaughn writes another nasty song, about him.

Annie becomes upset when she thinks that Troy is going to ask her out, but learns that he was talking about another girl. So, she tries to sabotage his date.