"Interpretive Dance" originally aired on January 21st, 2010, and it was written by Lauren Pomerantz. It was directed by Justin Lin.


Troy and Britta discover that each of them has been taking dance classes, and decided that it is time they come clean to the rest of the group, but at the last minute, Troy chickens out. Britta is made fun of, and Troy backs out of the upcoming dance recital.

Jeff is secretly hooking up with Professor Slater. When their relationship is discovered by the dean, Professor Slater thinks that it is time to take it public. Jeff disagrees and freaks out.

Jeff takes time to think things over, and decides that he is ready for a grown up relationship, and takes Professor Slater to the dance recital as their first public date. When Britta sees Jeff in the audience with Slater, she freezes on stage, and Troy gets over his nerves and dances to her rescue.