"Introduction to Film" premiered on October 1st, 2009. It was written by Tim Hobert & Jon Pollack. The episode was directed by Anthony Russo.


When Jeff discovers a class taught by a professor who doesn't give tests and grades, but instead grades you upon how well you seize the day, he just can't pass it up. Too bad for Jeff, the professor realizes that he is just lazy and threatens to fail him if he doesn't learn to genuinely live in the moment.

Abed confesses that he would much rather be a film student than a business student, but that his father will only pay for him if he goes to school for business. So, Britta offers to pay for his film classes, which causes conflict between her and his father, and then later on between her and Abed, when she discovers that he didn't use her money for the film classes.

Jeff helps Britta work things out with Abed, and she discovers that he was letting her think that he didn't use the money for class so that he could tape her for a project he was working on. His father lets him continue taking film classes, realizing that it makes him happy.

To thank Jeff for helping her, Britta spontaneously kisses Jeff in front of his professor, so that it looks like he has learned something.