"Introduction to Statistics" aired on October 29th, 2009. It was directed by Justin Lin, and written by Tim Hobert & Jon Pollack.


When Jeff tries to get a date with his statistics professor, Professor Slater, she tells him that she doesn't date students, but Jeff continues to pursue anyway.
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Annie decides to throw a Dia de los Muertos themed party, for extra credit in Señor Chang's class. She is desperate to get Jeff to attend, because she know that his presence will make her party a success. Jeff promises to attend, but when he finds out that Professor Slater will be at the faculty Halloween party, he blows of Annie's party and crashes the Halloween party.

At Annie's party, Pierce, trying to be cool, trades medication with Star-Burns and ends up having a bad trip.

When the group shows up to yell at Jeff and get him to help Pierce, Professor Slater has finally agreed to sleep with Jeff, but feeling guilty for ditching Annie's party, he goes back to help Pierce.