"Romantic Expressionism" was directed by Joe Russo, and written by Andrew Guest. It premiered on February 4th, 2010.


Annie has been hanging out Vaughn, but wants to ask Britta for her approval before she starts dating him. So, when Britta says she is fine with Annie dating him, Annie and Vaughn become almost inseparable.

However, Britta really isn't comfortable with Annie dating Vaughn and convinces Jeff to help her sabotage their relationship. They exploit the fact that Annie has a thing for Troy and convince Troy that he has a thing for her.

When Troy confronts Annie about his feelings, Annie turns him down, but Vaughn still thinks that Annie was cheating on him, and dumps her. Annie becomes angry with Jeff and Britta for putting Troy up to it, and Troy becomes angry with them for making him realize that he has feelings for Annie, who doesn't want to be with him.

Britta explains that she was lying when she said it was okay for Annie to date Vaughn, and apologizes. She tells Annie that she is free to date whoever she wants. Annie and Vaughn eventually make up.

Meanwhile, Shirley and Pierce join Abed and Troy at their movie night, where they make fun of terrible films, but Pierce becomes frustrated when his jokes aren't funny.