"The Politics of Human Sexuality" was written by Hilary Winston, and directed by Anthony Russo. It aired on December 3rd, 2009.


Annie helps the dean plan for the STD-awareness fair, and is forced to reveal to Shirley and Britta that, while she is not a virgin, she has never seen male genitalia. So, Shirley
and Britta devise a plan for her to break into the dean's office to practice putting a condom on the anatomically correct model she is supposed to demonstrate proper condom usage with at the fair.

Pierce, who is dating an escort (but not paying her), brings her as his date to the fair. While Jeff, who bet Pierce that he could find a date to the fair, asks the dean's airhead secretary.

Troy becomes extremely competitive with Abed when he discovers that Abed is better, athletically, than he is.